30045 Hentze Lane, Junction City Oregon 97448          (541) 998-8944

SATURDAY, JUNE 25  7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Store opens at 9:00 am
U-Pick Cherries are looking good and ready to harvest!

Tethered Balloon Rides: $5
           Begins at 7:00 am
If the weather is questionable, call (541) 543-4718 for info.

  • Face Painting & Crafts
  • Kids Quest
    Follow a map of the farm leading to places where questions about cherries are posted. A treat at the cook house for those completing the quest!


Noon to 2:00 Bluegrass Band
2:00-4:00 Dixieland Band


Hentze BBQ Cookhouse
Featuring all Farm-Fresh food, prepared on site.

BREAKFAST - Open 7 am
Coffee, hot chocolate, juice, milk or muffins for $1 ea.

BBQ - Served 11am - 5pm
All meals include homemade fries
OR homemade baked beans and homemade potato salad

1/2 BBQ Chicken Meal: $11
Chicken only: $6

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Meal: $13
Sandwich only: $10

Cheeseburger Meal: $8  
Hamburger only: $7

Bacon Guacomole Burger Meal: $13  
Burger only: $10

Hot Dog or Corn Dog Meal: $6
Dog only: $5

Homemade Black Cherry Ice Cream $3


Take a pleasant country drive back in time to our family-run farm and discover the joys of an earlier era; as well as fresh, locally grown produce. We are a certified Century Farm, and have been serving folks in Lane, Linn, and Benton counties since 1902.

In addition to our fruits, nuts, and vegetables, we feature old-fashioned processing equipment to make short work of snipping beans, cracking nuts, shelling peas, husking and cutting corn, and pitting cherries. Home canners really appreciate the time-savings it gives them – and the kids have a great time watching them work! They’ll also enjoy seeing our poultry, goats, sheep, and beef and dairy cows next to our produce store.

The farm is easy to find, 2 miles directly east of Junction City, Oregon as the crow flies, just off River Road. 
Come visit us this season and discover how a century of farming tradition has made Hentze Family Farm a food preservers paradise.